Ecosmart controls are a concept of energy-saving, intelligent, fully integrated fan controls, managed by a range of easily-selectable enabling sensors, controlling sensors and signalling devices. Ecosmart is the most flexible energy-saving ventilation control system on the market, with full BMS interface.

Ecosmart Classic Control

The UK͛s leading energy-efficient ͚plug and play͛ solution for over 13 years. Ecosmart Classic provides 0-10V BMS interface, trickle and boost as standard. Ecosmart Classic has a 5 year warranty. The most successful energy control on the market giving demand control at your finger tips.

Ecosmart Connect Control

Energy-efficient control platform expanded to provide network connectivity and advanced functionality. Available with a new range of BACnet-compatible ͚Plug and Play͛ room sensors. Full BMS integration via BACnet MS/TP (BACnet IP via optional additional router).

Ecosmart Adapt Control

Ecosmart Adapt is project/site specific and can be adapted to utilise other controllers including Siemens and Johnson’s. For further details contact Nuaire.

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