Lockable isolator

An IP66/67 lockable isolator is fitted on all models.

5 year warranty

BPS with Ecosmart Classic, Connect or Adapt controls come with a 5 year warranty.

Optional external ancillaries

Wide range of optional ancillaries including weather terminals, dampers, silencers, recirculation modules, heating & cooling options.

Port holes/lights and cable glands

The BPS unit is supplied with port holes and internal lights on all fan sections. Each unit has 5 cable glands as standard.

Intergral baseframe

The structural base frame is raised for additional support and includes slots for fork lift arms for easy manoeuvring on site. The base frame is powder-coated in Nuaire blue.

Aluzinc finish

BPS is manufactured from corrosion-resistant Aluzinc which can last 5 times longer than galvanised steel.

Optional condenser unit/matching frame

The BPS unit is available with a range of heating and cooling coils including a reverse cycle DX coil with matching condenser. The standard condenser is Mitsubishi Mr Slim which is supplied loose for integration on site (by others). If a condenser is ordered, two pre-wired PAC controllers are installed on the internal control panel of the BPS unit (only available with Ecosmart Connect or Adapt control). Condensing units are supplied with base frames.

Hinged or removable access panels

All hinged access panels will be lockable and removable via locked hinges which can be opened for panel removal. All keys are identical and will open any handle or hinge. The hinges do not need to be unlocked in normal operation of opening and closing.

Low noise source

50mm double-skinned panels ensure low noise levels. Optional, additional attenuators are available, see page 28 to provide a continuous acoustic solution.

Unique construction design

BPS has a unique construction which is a 'patent applied for' design incorpoating a thermally-broken extrusion with fixed panels sandwiched together removing the requirement for any additional silicon sealant to be added on site. This super strong construction meets class D1 (Defelection).

Weatherproofed as standard

BPS unit and ancillary modules are weatherproofed as standard. All sections and modules have a flat roof which has a hydrophobic coating, aiding water run off.

One-piece packaged solution

The BPS unit is a pre-selected catalogue range which is manufactued in sections for ease of manoeuvring on site. Unit modules may be clamped together on site using the pre-fitted 3D intelli-clamp links.


Energy saving EC motor technology

BPS has performance-optimised backward curved impellers and IP54 EC motors which provide low specific fan powers.

Bypass as standard

To avoid unneccessary heating of the outdoor air in the summer, the bypass damper can be opened. With this damper setting, night cooling can be performed using the control system (Ecosmart Connect & Adapt models only). The cool outdoor air is then blown directly into the room past the heat exchanger at night.

Frost protection

The plug-and-play frost protection modules (electric & LPHW) are stand alone, designed to protect the unit internals from low-temperature damage.

Chillded water cooling

The chilled* water coil is housed within the unit and is interchangeable with other 'wet' coil options. *LPHW & chilled water coils will not have valve & actuator assemblies fitted as standard. These are optional ancillaries, contact Nuaire for details.

LPHW heater

The LPHW* coil is housed within the unit and is interchangeble with other 'wet' coil options. *LPHW frost protection ancillary is also

Direct expansion (DX)

All DX coils used in BPS are suitable for reverse cycle, capable of providing heating an

Interchangeable coils

BPS has a wide range of coil options. All coils are mounted on a common drain tray and slide assembly allowing them to be interchangeable without any modification to the unit. Two coils can be fitted at one time.

Optional build in Ecosmart Classic, Connect or Adapt (trend) control options

Energy-efficient demand control ventilation solution utilising the very latest efficient Ecosmart control platform options.

Interchangeable filters

The standard filter arrangement will include M5 filters in the extract section and a combination of G4 pre-filter and F7 bag filter within the supply air stream. For other filter options contact Nuaire.

Easily removeable blowers for quick & easy maintenance

Blowers are mounted on self-supporting frames. For ease of maintenance, the frame can be removed through a removable access panel.

Highly energy-efficient heat exchanger

BPS is available with either plate or thermal wheel heat exchangers. A purge sector and bypass are provided as standard. The thermal wheels and plate HX are 2018 ErP compliant. The heat exchanger has coefficients of up to 94%+.

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